Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pastor Chuck Baldwin Nails it Again

By Pastor Chuck Baldwin February 7, 2006

[FYI, Chuck Baldwin is a conservative Christian, hosts his own conservative talk radio show, and is as right wing as they come. For his complete bio, click here. Entire column available here.]

... as a student of both the Bible and history, I believe we in America are living in times that are eerily reminiscent of the days leading up to the rise of the Third Reich. If after reviewing this thesis, the reader wants to dismiss its conclusions as insipid and irrelevant, he or she is certainly free to do so.

...In the case of Nazi Germany, it was the German churches first and foremost that failed their country. It was the churches that provided Hitler with moral and spiritual cover. It was the ministers and churches that allowed Hitler to seduce the nation.

... Hitler literally wrapped himself and the Nazi Party in the Cross of Jesus Christ. Even today, one can view photos from Nazi parades showing the Cross of Christ highlighted in the heart of the Nazi Swastika. In short order, Germany's pastors and churches were convinced that the Nazi Party was God's party and Hitler was God's man.

...By the time Hitler consolidated power and became Germany's Fuhrer, the Nazi Swastika was displayed proudly on the walls and halls of Germany's churches, both Catholic and Protestant. Germany's pastors often preached sermons supporting Hitler and the Nazi Party. They told their congregants that to support any other party or any other potential leader was to "fight against God." Very soon, congregants who refused to swear loyalty to Hitler were denied last rites and Holy Communion by Catholic priests, while Protestant pastors excommunicated such members. Romans chapter 13 was often quoted from Germany's pulpits as scriptural justification for demanding loyalty to Hitler.

...It seems clear to me that the attitudes and actions of Nazi Germany's ministers and churches are being repeated in the United States today. To a large degree, Evangelicals have wrapped the Cross of Christ in the banner of the Republican Party. They quote Romans chapter 13 to justify their unflinching, yes, even blind support for President Bush. They are willing to surrender their freedoms and liberties so that President Bush might protect them. Pictures of the president almost universally line the halls and walls of our churches, Christian schools, and pastors' offices. They castigate and denigrate in the most caustic terms anyone who dares to challenge or even question President Bush.

...They are willing to let the president lead them into multiple wars, even wars of aggression, based solely on Bush's word. They refuse to hold the president accountable to the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It seems to me that President Bush has taken on the aura of an American Fuhrer in the minds of many Evangelicals. Just how far are Evangelicals willing to allow Bush to go? They already support unbridled spying on American citizens. They have gladly surrendered their Fourth Amendment rights. Would they be willing to support the imprisonment of fellow Christians who don't support Bush if the Department of Homeland Security ordered it? I believe many would. And if so, how is that different from the attitudes of Christians in Nazi Germany?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A CHILLING but accurate piece once again, by Pastor Baldwin, a TRUE CHRISTIAN pastor! I would disagree, onlywith the "punctuation" in The Good Pastor's piece though in that he shouild call'em Pro-NAZI "Christians"{Not true followers of Christ, the prince of PEACE!) in Hitler's Germany, as there are too many RIGHT-WING "Christians," in today's BUSHEVIK America, under this twice, UNELECTED, Katrina Flooods, Iraq War for Oil, and 09/11 Attacks$ allowing, "Leadership," or ours. Best, Brian and Casper O'Moore!

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