Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bush's State of the Union

To me, this was nothing more than more right wing fear mongering, war mongering, 9-11 exploitation, more attempts to sqelch dissent and paint dissent as being unpatriotic, more dishonesty, and more, quite frankly, idiocy, when Bush said "enemies of freedom." My God. I was more impressed with republican Lincoln Chaffee's vote to not confirm Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court today... than I was by George W. Bush's entire speech.

And speaking of Bush - to paraphrase an old saying - never before has so much (as in applause) been given to so very, VERY little (as in George W. Bush - and everything he said).

Which reminds me. Did you notice the rabid right in the audience? They looked more like they were attending an Amway meeting than they did a State of the Union speech. And every time their sponsor (Bush) drew another "possibility circle" (not likely circle, but remote possible circle) they all jumped to their feet as if they would be the next person to go double diamond.

One thing I must say. Can anything better make the case for preparation and rehearsal better than George W. Bush's State of the Union speech tonight? He didn't look maniacal, as he has been prone to lately. He flubbed very few lines and his delivery was relatively smoothe. It was still your typical shallow, meaningless republican rhetoric and lies, but his delivery of that rhetoric and those lies was pretty smoothe.

And I have a question for you. Is Ben Nelson, the Dem. Senator from Nebraska... Zell Miller's secret, illegitimate, bastard love child? You talk about going 0 for 3. Yesterday Nelson voted to end the debate or fillibuster of now Justice Samuel Alito. Today he voted to confirm Alito the the Supreme Court. Which brings us to the State of the Union. At one point in his speech, Bush asked Congress to renew the Patriot Act. The rabid right "civil liberties be damned" crowd immediately leapt to their feet, just as if their Amway sponsor had just yelled "I'm going double diamond,"and the Democrats - and rightfully so - sat on their hands and offered NO applause. Except... for Ben Nelson, perhaps the most isolated politician in Washington next to George W. Bush. When Bush mentioned the Patriot Act, not only did Ben Nelson "put his hands together" - "gave it up" for the combination George W. Bush and Patriot Act abominations, he rose to his feet and gave the liar in chief the same standing ovation republicans were giving him.

And as you might expect, that act did not go unnoticed by one particular member of the opportunistic conservative corporate controlled media. In their post SOU show, Ben Nelson was interviewed on Fox News.

And I don't know what sickened me more - George W. Bush's fear mongering and war mongering state of the union, or the Democratic "we have to work together" rebuttal speech, delivered by Tim Kaine, the relatively new governor of Virgina. Personally, I don't think he was ready. He looked more like the interior decorator for the room in which he spoke than he did a Democratic spokesperson. which might explain the buzz on the internet in the lead up to tonight's speech and rebuttal. Many Democrat grass roots activists wanted the Democratic rebuttal to be given by Congressman John Murtha.

One part of the SOU that did concern me came when George W. Bush took a moment to address the citizens of Iran directly, and he told them how much he respected them. That's the exact same thing he said to the Iraqi people in his SOU of 2003, shortly before he invaded their country and started killing them indiscriminately. In other words, be afraid Iran... be very afraid. George W. Bush... respects you.

Two glaring omissions from Bush's speech. I didn't hear one word about 2 important things. Two CRITICAL things... two things that minus reform... this country is done like dinner. #1) Election reform, and #2) Media reform. Which begs the question that the right wing brain dead faithful never seem able to formulate in their own minds. If the media truly is as liberal and anti-republican and anti-George W. Bush as all republicans say it is, why is it that no right winger never calls for any sort of mainstream media reform? And of course the answer is simple. to call for election reform, (at least to the extent it became a serious issue, and not just their regular, daily "liberal media" whining), would call attention to who actually owns the media - which would prove what liars the right were each and every time they call the media liberal.

And to this day, I hear rabid right wingers call conservative talk radio and whine about how the left tried to steal the 2000 election - the 2002 election - and the 2004 election. If that were true, why hasn't the republican controlled government called for any, again, serious election reform. And the answer is the same as the one to the media question. To call for election reform just might reveal who owns the companies that manufacture and program the voting machines, and expose their "stolen election" accusations for the blatant lies they are as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, Doug. I had similar thoughts when I watched Chimpy's State of the Union. Keep up the good work.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why nobody talks about the torture of unfortunate "suspects" any more. We heard about them in full measure at first, and then, poof! nobody mentions them any more. Why are we, a nation of supposedly human rights oriented people keeping our mouths shut? And why, when someone mentions the subject do we hide our heads in the sand? Are these made up stories, meant to keep us guessing? I, for one want to know the truth. If these atrocities are really happening, we have become the monsters we have condemned so vehemently for so many years of our "humane" existence. Won't someone please give us the facts, and if true, make sure the people at ALL levels who are involved in this are tried and punished? I have heard that the U.S. was actively involved in torture before 9-11. Is this also true? If so, how can we sit back and wonder why 9-11?

1:10 AM  

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