Friday, February 24, 2006

Dubai, or not Dubai

Couple quick comments on the hottest story of the day, and perhaps the week and month - this whole ports security issue. What amazes me is that all of a sudden people are outraged because the Bush administration wants to sell the company that leases terminals in American ports to a Muslim company. Well pardon me, but where was the outrage before this pending deal was announced over what we've known to be the real reality for months and months and months now - namely, that less than 5% of the cargo coming into these ports is even inspected. Hello...

This is the post 9-11 president... this is the national security president... this is the war on terror president... this is the president who wants to keep America SO safe - he feels completely justified in breaking the law to spy on American citizens TO keep us safe... this is a man who has built his entire, bogus, illegitimate presidency, reputation and legacy by exploiting the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9-11, 2001, and by telling us he'd make sure it never happened again. And yet, post 9-11, under the post 9-11 president, less than 5% of our cargo is inspected. Hello...

And my point here simply is. This illiterate, embarrassing Bush buffoon was a failure in the ports department long before this deal was announced. Why wasn't there any outrage then? George W. Bush has been a miserable failure every day for five years now, and there hasn't been this level of outrage. Why? The answer of course, is simple. The majority of the American people simply did not know that less than 5% of our cargo was inspected, and I'd be willing to bet that even in light of this recent ports controversy, most of them still don't know. As well, the majority of the American people are also not aware of what a colossal failure George W. Bush has truly been. And WHY don't they know all this good stuff? Hey! It's the media, stupid.

And while we're on the subject - George W. Bush is not just a failure, but rather - to anyone with even a half-way open mind - to all intents and purposes, Geo. W. Bush is the consummate failure. If he has been successful at anything, it's been in further inflaming Muslim hatred of America and Americans and escalating it to a fever pitch. As fate would have it, he has added another feather to his Muslim inflammation hat with this stupid port security story. With all the resistance that has been voiced thus far to the Dubai port deal, Muslims are now starting to feel like they're being even more discriminated against.

So, ironically, even when "too stupid to be president" comes out with another one of his administration's hair brained ideas, and this time, one that could be construed as trying to mend Muslim fences, (and I say could only in the context of "if you weren't aware of the corrupt cronyism that runs rampant throughout this administration - and that's what this ports deal is all about - what the Hell - that's what this whole presidency has been about), but even when something could be construed as trying to mend fences, even then, the ultimate result is to further inflame Muslim hatred of America and Americans.

And by now you've heard the latest Bush administration justification for this port deal. "It's all about winning the hearts and minds of those people, (namely Muslims), that we need on our side in the war on terror. Hey George, you really wanna' win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world? Stop invading countries that had nothing to do with 9-11 in the name of 9-11, and killing countless thousands of innocent Muslims. That would probably go a lot further than selling the company that leases terminals in America ports to a Muslim country.

And none of this touches on what is potentially the most interesting element of this whole ports story is that once again, George W. Bushler and/or his neo-fascist administration has ignored, spit on and broken the law. The NY Times reported today that under a 1993 amendment to existing foreign investment law, the U.S. government is required to conduct a mandatory 45-day investigation if the investing company is owned and/or controlled by a foreign government. The key word here is mandatory. During this period, Defense, State, Commerce and Transportation department officials, along with the National Security Council and others, would get to put the deal under a microscope, ultimately reporting its findings back to the president. And, Congress would also have the opportunity to more deeply vet the transaction. Not that at the end of the day the result would be any different, but that's not the point. It looks to me that the Bush administration is required by law allow a 45 day investigation period. They did not. Therefore, did they not break the law? Again?

And as far as the Democrats are concerned, I can only view this as yet one more missed opportunity. This would've been the perfect opportunity for them to echo my words and say "You see We told you George W. Bush's war on terror was a sham, a scam and a lie." But they cannot say that, as they have bought into the republican conceived, implemented and dictated war on terror lock, stock and barrel. That aside, they still could've used this port deal to say "Maybe this isn't such a good idea due to the extreme hatred of America and Americans this administration has fueled and fostered." But they haven't said that either, not are they likely to. Instead, they've taken this issue and done the same thing with it they did with Iraq in the last election. They painted themselves as being even more republican than the republican party. With Iraq, rather than focusing on the illegality of it and the lies that led up to it, they said essentially that there was nothing wrong with the war in Iraq, it was just that the Bush administration wasn't conducting it properly, and of course, the Democrats would conduct it properly.

And so it is with the ports situation. It's not that there's anything wrong with George W. Bush's war on terror. It's just that he's not conducting it properly, evidenced by this impending ports sale. They're still for this idiotic war on terror. It's just that they'll conduct it differently.

Reality check, Democrats. There is no better way to fight these 2 wars, one of which is unjust and unjustifiable because it was predicated on lies, (as in Iraq), and the other of which is nothing more than a fear mongering tool to frighten and control the citizenry, (as in the war on terror.) You're not going to grab my attention - at least not positively - when the best you can come up with is you'll do a better job with the same misguided, idiotic policies. No. When it comes to idiotic policies, no-one can do a better job. And no-one should want to. And the only job you should be saying you'll do on these idiotic policies is eliminate them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess everyone in America still has an opinion. Thank God, that hasn't (yet) been taken away. Although I don't think it matters much. Georgie Porgie will ultimately have his way. It doesn't seem like anything anyone says or does makes a difference. His dad was the one who got us started in this mess when he started Desert Storm. There was no reason to do that either. Now Georgie MUST, (you hear me?) out-do his dad. It's a matter of family pride. As for Georgie saying that UAE donated a hundred million to Katrina evacuees, who got that? For sure the evacuees didn't get it. And who monitored that money? I have not yet seen anyone protesting (except for Cindy). Maybe everyone is scared? Georgie has broken the law many times, and yet has been declared above the law. I don't see charges being brought against him, Sickey Dickey, or Disgruntled Donald. Seemingly, all of them are above the law. And about this most recent SCANDAL of the ports deal, we're expected to believe that Georgie didn't know anything about it until recently. Really? The king of wiretaps let something slide past him as big (though some say it's not a big deal) as this. Maybe the brainwashing of the American public has succeeded to some extent, but basically, we didn't come into town on a wagon load of pumkins. How do you de-throne a king?

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite a MISERABLE STATE OF AFFAIRS, indeed, that this twice, UNELECTED King Junior hath gotten us into!
Will we survive as a Nation-State? YES.
But it's going to be a tough road, ahead. Best Barks, Brian and Casper O'Moore!

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doug basham rocks

8:55 PM  

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