Saturday, February 04, 2006

On Mike Malloy being dropped from AA's flagship station WLIB in New York

I became aware of Mike just as his gig with the IE America network was coming to a close. And I was a little shocked the first time I listened to Mike to discover he opened his show by addressing his audience as truth seekers - like I did - and closed his show by saying "Take care" - again, like I did. I decided to drop the truth seekers, as I was certain he’d been using that far longer than I had. "Take care" I felt was innocuous enough for two people to use.

I received an email from Brian in New Hampshire on Friday - the night we rebroadcast our interview with operation Iraqi freedom veteran Specialist Douglas Barber who committed suicide one month after our interview with him - and in the email, Brian said he’d just heard that Air America was removing Mike’s show from their flag ship station in New York, WLIB. Now apparently, Mike would still be heard on Air America affiliates around the country, but not on their flagship station in New York.

Now because I didn’t have to prep for my own show on Friday (because we were doing a rebroadcast), I tuned into Air America on my computer and listened to Mike’s show. And if I am not mistaken, Mike said that in order to raise money, air America had sold Mike’s time to ABC.

And of course the first think that crossed my mind was, "Oh, that would be the same ABC that recently rewarded the despicable Sean Hasn’t Any with a 25 million dollar a year contract. " Kind of reminded me of when the local Fox News station bought my first hour here in Las Vegas on my last station.

And the thing you have to keep in mind here is, Mike Malloy won the Best Talk Show Host in New York last year. But now his air time in New York, has been sold to Sean Hasn’t Any’s ABC?

Mike Malloy is the best progressive talk show host in the United States, and he is my favorite talk show host - bar none. And the first question is; why in the Hell is Air America so desperate for money that they’d sell the air time of an award winning talk show host? Does the progressive community STILL not get it? Have they STILL… not realized… that "it’s the media, stupid?"

Does the progressive community still not realize that the biggest danger this nation faces today is the huge disparity in the media? In his appearance on our show, Air America founder Sheldon Drobny recounted the "We don't do media" excuses he received when he was seeking initial funding for Air America. Well guess what, progressives? If you don't do media, the media will do you (can anyone say "Swift Boat Liars?")

This is disgraceful, folks. Simply, and profoundly disgraceful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I understand, this is NOT an Air America issue, but a WLIB issue. I believe WLIB leases time to Air America, which is why at 12 midnight, WLIB goes to local programming, then returns to Air America programming at 5am. I think this is a situation where the owners of WLIB (Inner City Broadcasting) were trying to make an extra buck...not Air America Radio itself.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Doug Basham said...

I don't know. I don't think WLIB could've just arbitrarily told Air America they were reclaiming that time, therefore, there'd have to be $omething there for A.A.

To which A.A. should have responded (in my opinion - if they were not in need of funds), "We don't give up/sell the air time of the man who was voted "Best Talk Show Host in New York" last year.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, he didn't give any details, but on March 3rd, while filling in for Randi, Malloy told an NYC caller that AAR was just about to finish a deal to put mike on a diffrent station in NYC in "a couple of weeks." This would be great, but i'd feel more confident if we had, say a definitve date and station name. Any one no any thing else?

9:52 AM  

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