Thursday, March 16, 2006

Operation Swarmer?

What the Hell can you say about a president and a political party whose primary foreign policy "doctrine" - namely Hitleresque, preemptive WAR - turns out to be a miserable failure, and yet, 3 years after their deadly, doctrine proves to be a miserable failure, they come out and re-affirm it?

But that's what happened today. If we needed a reminder that these cowardly, war mongers in the Bush administration are still entertaining the thought of starting another ill advised, unnecessary war; earlier today, we were treated to the news that George W. Bush was reasserting and reaffiring his "doctrine" of preemptive war. And one has to almost wonder - at this stage of the game, does it even really matter, anymore? Will the American people continue to put up with this deadly nonsense? Will they forget what they've obviously learned that has sent George W. Bush's approval ratings into the toilet, or will they once again let fear rule the day and somehow once again throw their support behind this maniacal, incompetent, demonic, "bomb now, ask questions later" Bush loon. I suppose time will tell.

And get this. Not only are Bush and his White House reaffirming their pre-emtpive war lunacy, they are also now saying Iraq was not a pre-emptive war. Why? Because of 12 years of diplomacy before Bush's misguided invasion of Iraq 3 years ago this coming Sunday, (which also just so happens to be wife's birthday. )

And I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. After having observed these blood-thirsty ass clowns in the Bush administration for the past 5 years, who can really even raise an eyebrow anymore when you see them equate 12 years of almost daily bombing of a country with diplomacy. For these people bombing the living bejesus out of a country is tantamount to spreading freedom and democracy, why wouldn't bombing the Hell out of a country be tantamount to diplomacy? And of course, the sad reality is, diplomacy is nowhere near as profitable as is war.

And speaking of bombing the Hell out of a country, today, we were also treated to Operation Swarmer. The largest air assault since the war began. Which also means the largest "major combat operation" since Bush declared "major combat operations" were over, again, almost 3
years ago. The impetus for operation swarmer? The discovery of more and more dead bodies - victims of sectarian unrest and violence. So Bush's solution to finding more and more dead bodies? Go and create more and more dead bodies, now that will win the hearts and minds of the Muslim people, now wont' it?

Rumor also has it the reasons for today's new assault was to bolster support for the whole Iraq endeavor. It this is true, what does it say about this administration's opinion of the American people that another senseless blood bath will incur their favor. And what does it say about us, the American people... if they're right?

And who knows. Maybe this Operation Swarmer is just nothing more than this administration's sick, twisted way of celebrating the 3 year anniversary of their invasion of Iraq. Instead of a traditional placing of candles on top of a cake and blowing them out, they'd prefer to turn an entire city into a giant candle and blow it out instead.

And then we learn that the media wasn't invited to participate in Operation Swarmer, which begs the question - why not? And the answer is of course, simple. When you're about to engage in the biggest war crime in 3 years of war crimes, do you really want someone there recording your war crimes for posterity? Probably not. Now of course, the Bush administration's reason for not allowing the media was "operational hazard." Which I believe to be true. Allowing the media to accompany Bush's crusaders of death could certainly be hazardous to Bush's continuing ability to operate.

All of which just demands an answer to the question... could a national leader be more wrong; be more incompetent; be more dangerous; be more impeachable... than George W. Bush?

Methinks not.