Sunday, February 05, 2006

Congressman John Murtha's letter to George W. Bush

I want to thank Carri in Sacramento for sending me a link to Congressman John Murtha’s letter to George W. Bush. Here it is in its entirety...

Now I have to tell you folks; as much as I admire and love Congressman John Murtha, I absolutely think this is the wrong approach for the Democratic Party to take. And I hear a lot of good progressive talking heads and even progressive radio talk show hosts taking the same approach, and I think they’re all wrong.

And as I’ve mentioned before, maybe I’m alone in my thinking on this. And maybe I’m wrong. If you think I am wrong, please do not hesitate to tell me. I would certainly concede my approach just might not be the most practical one at this stage of the game, considering how much the Democratic party has surrendered to he republican party on this issue, but that doesn’t change my thinking that my approach is the only honest approach, which ultimately might wind up being the most practical after all. Let's review what Murtha just said...

"Our country needs a vigorous and comprehensive strategy for victory against global terrorism. The architect of 9/11 is still out there but now has an international microphone. We must get back to the real issue at hand - we have to root out and destroy al-Qaeda's worldwide network."

Now here's what bothers me about this. Congressman Murtha – whether he believes it internally or not - at least publicly, in this letter, he's basing his entire premise on the official version - the George W. Bush and his administration official version - of 9-11.

Consider this.

These people haven’t told you the truth about anything in the past 5 years. Why on earth would you assume they’ve told you the entire truth about 9-11?

Secondly, even if for reasons that are well beyong my comprehension, you do buy into the official version of 9-11, it is my considered (and I would hope, well thought out opinion) that this is nothing more than delegitimizing one Bush administration sham, scam and lie - as in, their "war in Iraq" - by legitimizing another sham, scam and lie - as in, their "war on terror."

Remember - this whole “global war on terror” is the creation of George W. Bush and his administration. It didn’t exist until the GOP created it. And why do we have to accept anything these monstrous liars have created at face value? Why do we have to accept it as part of our very existence from now until Kingdom come just because the GOP has said it will be?

Like I’ve said so many times on this show; to this day, we have yet to have an honest, open, thoughtful and rational debate on the pros and cons of a "war on terror." And while I do realize that it may be too late to have such a debate on this topic, I can’t base my opinion on what I think is the most honest approach on what should have been done in the past.

Practicality aside; for an honest solution, I disagree vehemently with this approach that "Iraq has diverted us from the global war on terror." To me that’s the same as saying "The Bush administration’s Iraq sham, scam and lie has diverted us from the Bush administration’s war on terror sham, scam and lie." You are legitimizing one fraudulent lie in order to expose another fraudulent lie. I think it is a far better approach to expose the idiocy of both the Iraq and the War on Terror lies.

Democrats are finding it difficult to expose the Iraq failure (and the lies that led up to it) because they helped legitimize it. They are making the same mistake with the "war on terror." And before they develop as long a paper trail with the "war on terror" as they did with the war in Iraq, I would rather see them start challenging the entire premise of the GOP mandated, defined and dictated "war on terror."

This is why I have never jumped on the "Where's Osama" or the "Iraq has distracted us from the 'war on terror' " bandwagon. I refuse to legitimize the illegitimate, as well as provide the fear mongering right with more ammunition to justify their infringement on our civil liberties and their criminality on eavesdropping on America citizens, by allowing them to say, "The 'war on terror' is important. Even the Democrats have said so."

Not it is not. The "war on terror" is just another GOP manufactured crisis. "Terrorism" is an under-funded, under-supported, unpopular, fringe movement. The "war on terror" is a scam, sham and a lie. And it's high time Democrats started calling it what it is, like they should have done with Iraq.


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